Your Caregivers

Always a helping hand

Around the clock care with love. This is what our qualified, competent and experienced caregivers from Eastern Europe stand for.

The personal and reliable 1-to-1 care on site allows seniors to live in their own homes for as long as possible. In family-like structures, at that.

Reliable and competent care staff


Our Eastern European caregivers are home care and household assistants who live in the apartment or house of the person in need of care. This ensures optimal care around the clock. Your Polish caregiver not only assists with household chores, but also takes over the basic care of the senior citizen. This noticeably relieves the burden on family members.

In Eastern Europe, care for the elderly is highly valued. Families are at the core of society, and care for the elderly at home is deeply ingrained. Our Polish caregivers use their experience to care for people in need of care in their own homes. This is a fulfilling and at the same time reasonably remunerated job for them. This is where they can make good use of their previous nursing and care experience and receive wages much higher than in their native country.

Senior care

with Tradition

In Eastern European countries, caring for elderly people at home is an age-old tradition. In Poland, for example, it is common for several generations to live together under one roof, and children learn what caring for the elderly at home means. As founders of PR Care 24, we were raised with this custom in Poland, our home country. We understand that it is your central wish to know that your relatives are well cared for and looked after. The family has a high value in Eastern Europe, as well as Christian values such as charity and mercy. It is mainly women who take on caregiving tasks here, and they are shown special appreciation and recognition for these activities.

Communication is key

It is essential for people in need of care to be able to communicate easily with their caregivers. That is why all of our staff have at least a command of everyday German and can communicate in simple terms. Many caregivers even have advanced language skills and several years of language practice in Germany. If you prefer a caregiver with very good language skills for your care situation, we will be happy to arrange this.

Our live-in helpers have learned German in a language course, at school, or during a stay in Germany. Their language level is assessed by our regional supervisors, who conduct the personal interview on-site. We only place caregivers who can communicate clearly in German. With the MR Language Academy, we operate our own language school, where our Eastern European caregivers can acquire various language certificates.

Quality with qualification

Our caregivers have a background in nursing and are for the most part trained as nurses, geriatric nurses or caregivers for the elderly. For your individual care needs, we provide everyday helpers, ranging from home care assistants to qualified caregivers. Your live-in assistant is familiar with all tasks related to care and social work.

Our caregivers have a variety of educational backgrounds. Most have completed an apprenticeship, some even a university degree. What is most important for us are the actual qualifications in practical care, which the caregivers prove via certificates. Alternatively, they prove their skills through several years of professional experience. Most of our staff have already worked in German families for several years.

Legal Security

  • All PR Care 24 caregivers have an A1 certificate and receive the German legal minimum wage. For our caregivers this means, among other things, better social security in their country of origin.
  • The deployment of your live-in help takes place within the framework of the European freedom to provide services.
  • The PR Care24 care model is designed to eliminate risks such as bogus self-employment.
  • Our caregivers receive the German minimum wage.

These clear and transparent regulations ensure absolute legal certainty for all parties involved.

Integrity and ethics are


Care within family-like structures requires respect on both sides. This includes giving the caregivers sufficient privacy and retreat options within your house or apartment through a separate room, observing legally regulated working hours and, finally, showing consideration for the assistant’s eating preferences.

We guarantee this

  • All caregivers are directly employed by our subsidiary Professional Recruiters Sp.z.o.o in Poland and therefore also socially insured with us.
  • Tax, health insurance and social security contributions are included in the offer.
  • Our caregivers have been selected, trained, and hired by our subsidiary in Poland through an individual recruitment process.
  • Care experience and personal suitability are the minimum requirements.
  • All of our caregivers have nursing experience and are qualified according to high PR Care 24 standards.
  • They are continuously trained both professionally, by our nurses, and linguistically.
  • We only place caregivers who can communicate clearly in German. 
  • Our team includes nursing experts who provide individual on-site nursing consultations when needed.