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Private Care – Very Personal

Our home care assistants largely come from Eastern European countries. They reliably and competently provide care as well as housekeeping assistance in the apartment or house of the person in need of care. We are not an agency, we are a care service. This means that we only provide personnel from our own pool of qualified workers. Instead of outsourcing this task to third parties, we do it ourselves with our subsidiary ‘Professional Recruiters Sp.z.o.o’, based in Poland. In other words, you receive all our services from a single source.

Our 24-hour caregivers typically learned their skills by caring for family members, as well as through basic training in primary care. They will assist you in various aspects of your daily life and perform light care tasks. Since they are not registered nurses or geriatric nurses in Germany, they are not permitted to perform medical treatment tasks. For example, caregivers are not allowed to administer injections or treat open wounds. This can be done by a mobile care service.

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Care by PR Care 24

Comprehensive, all-round care at home

We know that the decision to provide 24-hour care represents a disruption in the lives of people in need of care and their families. It is our goal at PR Care 24 to make this transition as smooth as possible. You can count on a personal contact person from us who will always be there for you – from the very beginning and throughout the entire period.

We are happy to advise you on the various options for arranging care and home help in the best possible way, also considering the financial aspects. By explaining which requirements must be met to claim benefits from long-term care insurance, we will help you apply for financial support from the long-term care insurance fund.


Providing individual, compassionate care and housekeeping assistance

In Eastern European countries, caring for the elderly at home is an entrenched tradition. In Poland, it is common for several generations to live together under one roof. As a result, children learn early what caring for the elderly at home means. As founders of PR Care 24, we grew up with this custom in our home country, Poland. And we understand that it is your central wish to know that your relatives are well cared for and looked after.

The combination of care and home assistance is the perfect alternative to a nursing home. It allows seniors to largely live independently.

Experience shows that this type of individual care improves both the physical and mental condition, thereby measurably increasing the quality of life of those in need of care. There is also comprehensive relief for you as a family member. 24-hour care is also an ideal way for people with increased care needs and dementia patients to remain in their own homes. After all, personal care within a home-like environment means that our caregivers give you the security of knowing that someone is on-site at all times and can provide support if needed.

This is what your caregiver will provide

Our home care support workers help people in need of care in various areas of everyday life, perform basic care tasks and assist with individual mobilization.

Basic Care

  • Assistance with daily personal hygiene such as washing, bathing, showering, and oral hygiene, hair care or shaving
  • Incontinence care
  • Assistance with bladder and bowel emptying
  • Assistance with food and drink intake
  • Reminder to take medication


  • Shopping and cooking
  • Tidying and cleaning the apartment
  • Laundry washing and ironing
  • Taking care of pets if needed

Activation and Mobilization

  • Assistance with the choice of clothing and with
    dressing, changing and undressing
  • Assistance with walking and standing, as well as motivational measures for exercise
  • Walks together with the patient
  • Mobilization according to the instructions of the therapist
  • Positioning according to plan and instructions

Individual Care

  • Contact person and permanent contact person for the person in need of care
  • Planning and execution of excursions
  • Accompaniment, for example, to doctors, authorities or hairdressers
  • Entertainment coordinated with the person in need of care, for example board games, conversations or reading aloud