Good Home Care for Dementia Patients


Home care has a significant advantage for people with dementia:

Dementia patients are able to remain in their familiar surroundings. For elderly people, their own apartment or house is the place with which they associate memories from many decades. They feel comfortable and safe there.

That’s why they often find it easy to get around for many years to come, even as dementia progresses.

Dementia care


In Germany, there are currently around 1.5 million people living with a dementia-related condition. Caring for them often poses major challenges for family and relatives. After all, they have to be able to cope with their time, physical and psychological demands.

Family members and patients often want the care to take place within their own four walls. Here, personal care by our Polish staff is a pleasant and caring alternative to a nursing home.

Beyond that, care in one’s own apartment or house has clear advantages. With one-to-one care at home, dementia patients can continue to lead a largely self-determined life in their familiar surroundings. Our qualified caregivers from neighboring Eastern European countries are specially trained in dementia care and will look after you.

The advantages of our professional dementia care at home

  • Personal and loving one-to-one care by well-trained staff from Poland is a cost-effective alternative to a nursing home.
  • Skilled live-in assistants from neighboring countries in Eastern Europe provide domestic support.
  • Polish caregivers provide everyday support and basic care.
  • Even in an emergency, people in need of care are optimally cared for.
  • Families and relatives benefit from a noticeable relief of pressure.

Different approaches to care

Always human.

Dementia care at home is the personal and loving alternative to placement in a nursing home. Dementia patients feel comfortable and safe in their familiar surroundings. For this reason, dementia care at home offers those in need of care a much higher quality of life. With the support of our 24-hour nursing staff from Poland, you can provide optimal nursing care without overburdening yourself or neglecting your own professional and private obligations. We will be happy to assist you in organizing dementia care at home and help you apply for care benefits.

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